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  1. Before Posting your Mod!
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    [First:] This section is not for making Requests, there is now a sub-forum specifically for that so please if you want to make a request do so there. Make sure to read the [!README FIRST] threads in these also otherwise your thread may be deleted!

    Hey all,

    In order to try and make it easy for visitors, members and the staff to navigate around here and find what they are looking for we have come up with a new means of posting your modifications. Alright first this section is for Vehicle Customisation mods only; ie only mods that actually change the vehicles appearance and not the whole body of the vehicle itself.

    For example:

    • Rims
    • Interiors
    • Windows
    • Lights
    • etc...

    For mod creators in the thread title put your name, there is 2 reasons for this; 1) If you are well known and someone performs a search for your name then the threads will show up very easily and 2) Those who don't search can also see clearly the creators name of which they will probably know already. Also there is now a Prefix system in place so that visitors can see the status of your mod straight away and we ask that you use this as it should avoid the usual questions such as "Where can I download this?" especially if it's a current WIP (Work in Progress) or you are wanting to gauage reaction. Want to test your mod before releasing it, edit or update your thread to set the Prefix to ßeta and those who wish to test it out and give you proper feedback will do so. Then once all is set and done and bugs have been worked out mark it as a Release.

    Example image of the Prefixes in operation shown in image below.

    Sorry for all this reading but honestly it will help you and us out in the long run if we do it this way

    Now when you post that new thread showing off your newly created or updated modification make sure to add or edit the first post with the new information and/or download instructions. It would be great if you could also have some sort of brief history/changelog about the changes and at the top make sure to mention what is the latest version.

    Example (it means we the TDUc Staff can Copy the Below and Update the Latest Customisation Mods Sticky thread that will be up top)

    Mod Name [Latest Version No.]
    Creator: Name
    [Image(s) Optional]
    Download Link

    Version History
    0.8 shadow fix
    0.2 blah
    0.1: blah

    Remember, when posting the images, if you prefer to use the Thumbnail technique already used, please remember to do as follows:

    [*][imglink*][/imglink*][/url*] This is to stop the forum's 'picture resize mod' from making the links useless.

    Use without the *.

    The main reasoning behind this structure is that it will make this section much more manageable for us the staff but also much more easy to navigate for you guys and especially the creators as you only have to update the thread you are currently working on instead of having multiple questions and requests being thrown at you when you are trying to concentrate on one thing.


    Feedback as always is appreciated and I'm sure it will take a week or 2 to get used to but hopefully once we become more familiar it will become a rhythm that just flows.

    Cheers guys!!

    TDU Central Staff

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  2. Before Posting your Mod! Comments
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    thats great

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    @Diablo, you know you've done a great job when someone registers only to comment "thats great".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassva »
    @Diablo, you know you've done a great job when someone registers only to comment "thats great".
    Almost SEVEN years to the day too.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Hidden tduck located... wasn't that a TDU2 key giveaway comp?


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