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    Default Making a Request

    Hey there,

    So you want to make a Request for an HUD/GUI mod, well this is how you go about it;


    1) First of all make sure to post clearly in the title what you want, no "I want this" or "This would be soo cool" as this helps noone who is searching and makes it annoying to skim when checking New or Todays Posts. So say you want someone to make inverted dials on XXXXX car well your thread title would simply be "Inverted Dials on XXXXX car". Simple enough don't you think?

    2) In the post itself if the request isn't easily identifiable then give a brief description or an image of what you're after, anything that can help people get a clearer understanding is always a good thing!

    Remember, when posting the images, if you prefer to use the Thumbnail technique already used, please remember to do as follows:

    [*][imglink*][/imglink*][/url*] This is to stop the forum's 'picture resize mod' from making the links useless.

    Use without the *.

    Feedback as always is appreciated and I'm sure it will take a week or 2 to get used to but hopefully once we become more familiar it will become a rhythm that just flows.

    Cheers guys!!

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