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    Default Ebay Gold

    Just been told by hybrid about this hilarious listing so i thought i would make a thread for any ebay gold moments. Whether it be a hilarious listing, or just something amazing post it here.

    Warning not suitable for under 18's or work.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    What's a fanny batter?

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    Gardening stuff. =p

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    WANTY :P
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    told you the first post would be someone asking what it meant
    I'd rather be topless !

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    It's gone now, but someone sold a Ghost in a box caught by his 7 year old son

    It went for around $700 I think XD

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    Haha classic. Perfect honesty that makes the car worth buying.

    +rep if i can.
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    Lol, thats good.

    other things ive seen on ebay on someone auctioning off their toe nail clippings

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    Oh, my friend's Grandad (yes, Grandad. I think he's in his late 60's XD) sold his hand on eBay

    Obviously, he didn't chop it off and send it in the post, nor take any money for it P:

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    Yep, took a photo of it and shoved it on eBay. 'Sold' for about £50 IIRC.

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    A guy from my town once put one of his kidneys on ebay because the government wouldn't pay for his child to go to a special school - as a stunt to 'raise the money which he didn't have'.

    What the news stories didn't show, was the 3 classic Porsches and 2 classic Rolls Royces on his drive...

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