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    Default My baby is fixed!

    A little while back, I found out that there had come a crack in the manifold of my beloved car and an authorised dealer wanted way too much to fix it.

    So I been searching for a non-authorised one and finally I found one. He rang me up today to tell me, that the car is done and I can pick it up when I get the time.

    Unfortunately I wont have the time till Saturday, but boy have I missed my baby.

    Straight six 2.0 litre Injection engine in the classic BMW E30 chassis.

    I love this car, because I saved it from a life in agonizing pain as a boy-racer was about to mount all sorts of junk on it.

    I restored it back to it's glory and am keeping it as is when it left the factory.

    I'll take lots of piccys and post them here next weekend.

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    Default Re: My baby is fixed!

    Can't wait to see! Sounds like you have your fair share of ups and downs, hey it makes a great car somewhet better!
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    Default Re: My baby is fixed!

    the e30's zimmer is a proper nice car, the e36 is still my favourite though. i will own one soon!!!!! ha



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