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    Cool How to drift????

    nows anyone how to drift
    - car

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    Best for me. Audi A4 Touring Car (can onli get stock)
    or basically any TVR pref. a v440r if you have the download.

    Nissan Skyline on either sport or hyper sport.
    Shelby Daytona if you can get the money*
    Ford GT's aswell. thats reeli the main cars i feel are my main driftin cars.

    Tip: Use the brake or e-brake just before the corner and steer+accelerate round the corner. Control your steering to straightin out. With practise and experience you can hold sidewards round a corner for longer etc.

    Good Luck, Hope I Helped.
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    Here's what I do.

    redvette77 told me to use an SL65 AMG Roadster, and it is a magnificent car to drift in.

    Stay in 3rd gear manual, while your trigger finger halfway pressed. Aids off.

    As the turn approaches, floor it, tap the joystick once to either direction the turn is and your car will turn to the direction.

    As soon as you floor it counter steer and hold the counter steer thru the turn then after the turn release the gas and brake.

    If you want to drift thru long turns, do the proccess, then as you begin to slide out, release the counter steer and gas for one second, then gas and counter steer at the same time again.

    If you counter steer early you will slide out, if you floor it early you will slide out.

    You will need practice, best in the raceway. Happy drifting!

    If you want someone to drift with, send a message to forerunnerD.
    911 GT2 Respect Required.


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