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    Default [PS3] Siren: Blood Curse

    You guys lucky enough to have a PS3 and who like their scares very very much need to check out this game. It's like a cross between Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil. The thing is frighteningly scary, I have been checking some vids on youtube and this game looks amazing. It's so polished!!

    It's only available via Download from the PSN or Import and is in Japanese with subtitles but my god this game looks stunning, it puts survival horror into a whole other league especially as you seem to have a special ability which allows you to view through your attackers' eyes in a 50/50 split view on screen so you're running for your life, get trapped and then see your attacker running towards you grunting with the a sharp weapon in hand.

    It's a somewhat more polished remake of the PS2 version but it didn't fair well across in the West so this new version wasn't released officially it is however available to those who want it and if I had a PS3 I'd be all over it!!

    Video: (contains some swearing)

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.
    HQ version

    PS: There may even be a demo.
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    the video dont work diablo.
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    The games looks brilliant. do they have them in Game ? (game shop)


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