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    Exclamation car sounds all the same ??

    hi guy's

    i got a lill' complain't again'st the car sound's
    as everybody know's or not, i love the pagani,
    so i checked out some vid's on youtube, and i saw the one from diablo

    so i started to look at real life pagani's

    the sound's aren't the same, the one IN game sounds badder then the real version

    check it out ==>

    as you hear, you hear the (fine) muscles of the zonda a LOT more in real life

    i wan't the sound's to like that in game, maybe a update for l8r ??


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    Default Re: car sounds all the same ??

    already covered LONG time ago

    Same for the SLR (having recently heard this beast i kno it sounds a LOT better than even youtube vids
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    Default Re: car sounds all the same ??

    SLR's sound amazing, shame about the rest of the car though. Hardly any of the cars in game sound good but never mind.
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    Default Re: car sounds all the same ??

    on top gear they said you can hear the aSton martin v8 8 miles away but on the game its one of the quietest

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    Default Re: car sounds all the same ??

    no man. on top gear, the v8 vantage can be heard 2 miles away. 8 miles is way too far man.

    my favorite engine sound in the world is the rb26dett of the skyline. it's hard to get the skyline sound because you have to tune engine really well.

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    Default Re: car sounds all the same ??

    The LVL3 ford gt is one of my favourite sounding cars in the game.



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