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  1. Original TDU Vehicules (Folder). Help :P
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    I've been playing the game since beta, never got the disk just got a cd-key/ download from Direct2Drive (Bought from there).

    Awhile back I put in a few sound mods and I did make a backup of my Vehicules folder. Really can't stand the sound of a few cars that I used to drive a lot, and I have no way of getting the original sound files without going out and buying a new disc.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a original Vehicules Folder to download? Would anyone be willing to upload one somewhere for me? Would be really appreciated have some rewards for anyone willing to help, cheers

  2. Original TDU Vehicules (Folder). Help :P Comments
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    You just got to do it like me, install the game twice, than you always have a backup.
    But you can tell me wich sounds you want to have back and I will upload it for you.

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    Default i need it.

    i modded my tdu too much and my game keep crashing.i tried repairing it but my computer lag whenever i try that,can someone help me??

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    The only possible thing to do, is to re-install the game. It will bring everything back to normal, so you have to re-add the mods. When re-installing, you will not lose any of your saved games.

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    That can be problem with Radial file. You should ownload RadialRemoval

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    Default Help MEEE!!!!!

    Please help ; Who have TDU orginal Véhicules file urgent need

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    Default Help MEEE!!!!!

    Who have got Orginal Vehicules file becouse urgent need
    please send me link or file

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    Requesting original files from the game or the Mega pack is not allowed. As doing this illegal and could help complete illegal versions of the game.

    Please bear this in mind when modding and remember to back up your own files!!

    TDU-Central Staff


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