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    Hey all,

    I'm new here and sort of new at modding. I'm currently working on a 360 CS sound mod that I think you guys will like. First though, I need some help. I was wondering if a sound modder of this board could help me out.
    The sound quality is nice and high, and sound great. but the sound dies out as RPMs progress. It also starts to crackle and/or chirp after a while. I can provide the beta audio.bnk on this thread or through PM if you would like to hear it. Any help would be much appreciated! I can also promise that if you like ear-shattering-loud Ferrari exhaust, you'll like my sound replacer!

    EDIT: All sounds aside from Off_4000_2 (Off Mid as you will) and my idle sound are working correctly. Hopefully I will fix this and have a release within the next few days. The offer is still up for the beta BNK if anyone wants to hear it.

    Edit 2: Sound is finished! I solved the problems on my own. Sorry for wasting space! Moderators/Administrators can close this topic now or delete it.
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