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    Default My dad's mates 'busa

    No real reason to post this but I'm bored and I don't feel like doing homework.

    My dad's mate brought this around yesterday. First thing that you notice it's huge and really heavy. This guy had an R1 before this and he said he pushed it to around the 170 mph mark but he got the 'busa up to 185 mph with plenty of go left in it. The rear plate says "I've passed so many blades I'm cut to bits". :P He said I could go on the back of it with him but I said no,he's a mad bugger. My dad had a go himself though,he said it's weird because it's really heavy yet extremely fast.
    Anyway,2 phone pictures:

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    Default Re: My dad's mates 'busa

    Beautiful bike but ugly at the same time, fast as hell but good at low speed, it's the Jekyll and Hyde of the motorcycles. lol

    You need to be mad to ride one of those things fast.
    I'm a bit mental.



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