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    Default HI

    ok here goes, ive been playing TDU on PS2 for a while now (offline) and so i found this forum by seaching on TDU on youtube, then ive comed here for a few days, and i thinked i might aswell join, the forum system ill hop around ask questions, if theres somthing i dont know.
    if you have any questions about me, just ask but keep of rabbits, i hate rabbits!
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    Welcome to Test Drive Unlimited: Central!

    Be sure to check out the forum rules, they don't bite. Much. Anyways, after that you can start your jibber jabber in our General Chat, organize and join in game cruises here (Xbox) or here (PC), but avoid The Bin if you have a fear of kittehs. If you're a wiz in Photoshop (or equally amazing graphic editing program, we don't judge you here), or know how to use those new-fangled picture snappers, head on over to the Photography and Graphics section to show off your skills. Or learn how, if you haven't the foggiest lemon what I'm on about!

    Fill in your Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID/Xfire/GameSpy info and show off your shmexy PC in your User CP. Seeing as you've made the long and treacherous journey there, why not add an Avatar and Signatue at the same time? Wouldn't want to risk going back and waking Oswald up again, would we?

    And after you've done all those terribly tedious tasks, (you loved it really, admit it!) the most important thing to do is stay active and enjoy yourself. Oh, and avoid the Squirrel Mafia, they do bite.

    Have fun!

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    :P thanks

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    welcome to a place, eh funny place... eh uh *psst, what is it im surpose to say??*

    umm rabbits in cheesesause...
    (anoying 2 members at same time)
    Returning from the dead!

    PotW #30 winner!
    But what is the point of writing things here when im barely online...

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    Welcome on TDU-C

    Instagram: crisseh95


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