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    Default The game needs more...

    First off i've got to say i really enjoy the game, its awsome. I can live with the game, but i'd like more...

    There needs to be a bigger variation of houses. Maybe if you could customize your homes. I think it would be awsome if you had an entire 50 acre farm or something and in the barn it stored 30 cars or so, and then you had a really nice and clean house on the property, or what about a really big abandoned warehouse that can hold like 50 cars, outside it looks abandoned but inside its intense, with plasma TV's, and everything you could think of.

    They also need more cars like some BMW's, Subaru's (have to include baha ones lol), Yamaha motorcycles, and i think they need another class. They need to have a Truck & SUV class. With The infiniti FX, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and the henessey one, the Dodge Ram SRT-10, the Saleen S331 Supercharged and more.

    With more house variations and more cars, and maybe more land, like all the other Hawaii islands this game would be so intense. So what do you guys think?

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    Yes! Yes! You understand!

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    This is all true and on the asphalt cars there should deffinatley be a shop where you can tune your car so have stuff like scissor doors and custom spoilers custom seats and e.g

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    Well it'll be hard pushed to get any worse so why not.

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    Then I woke up in France...


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