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    Default Armc muscle now recruiting members for club

    I am the president of armc muscle but we need some members. (theres only two including my self) we need to get up and going soon so that we may all have fun by racing around, buying cars helping each other in the game and just plain crusing and having fun! Just like most other clubs we have rules too.
    1. NO harrasing or being mean/rude to other members. (or anyone)
    2. If another member needs help try your best to help him/her.
    3. Make sure every one else is having fun if you choose to joke about some one or some ones car.
    4.Do not continuasly hit some one eeles car if they dont want it
    - If they dont have a mike then get them to honk or something to tell you if they mind or not.

    If some one is breaking these rules and you dont like it then you can report them on this thread. If you get reported tell me the situation and me and the vice president will decide if you get a warning. You only get one warning and if some reports you and its legit then I will have to kick you out of the club. (sorry)

    If you have any questions about any of this please leave a post on this thread asking me the question and I wil try my best to answer it as fast as I can.

    If you would like to join this club please leave a post with your online account so that I may add you as a freind and add you as a member in this club.


    stealthrecovery - (me)

    Vice president:


    Ther may not be alot planned for the first couple of weeks but we just started so please cut us some slack. (oh and all cars and bikes are allowed and yes even though our name is armc muscle)

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    is this for xbox then i might be in my club isnt active but is it camaros and chevrolet and all that

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    yea its for x box and its like all cars are allowed, so are you still interested in joining?, and i need a spot for vice president if any one wants it
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    I know GoBabyGoN20, he repainted his Audi A4 Touring Car.
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    This is in the wrong sub-forum.

    Topic should be in Club Chat.
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    You're right. I should ask Diablo to move it.
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