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    Default I need help bad and no one has helped me yet!!!

    when i go to my gps it shows lots of other players but when i jump to a place where there are a lot of players there only turns out to be 3 other people or sometimes just even me but when i go back to my gps it still tells me theres lots of other players where i am even thought theres no one!!!
    thanks who ever helps me this time!

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    Well it depends on what server you jump to ... each server can only hold 8 people at a time ... so you may find someone on the map and jump to them but not be able to join them as the server is full or the game has decided to put you on a different server. If you want to drive around with friends, on the map page filter to friends and jump to them ... then on the d-pad 'lock' to them and you should remain in the same server ... BUT if you jump back to the map you will lose them.

    Oh and sometimes it does take a few attempts to jump to friends even if the servers aren't busy ... espeically if you're jumping from one end of the island to another, don't know why but sometimes it does.

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    lol okay thanks and dont worry il work on it lol


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