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    Default Performance problems...

    in my Pc i have AMD 5200+ (Oc'ed 2.8Ghz), 2gb DDR2 corsair dominator ram, 7900gts x2 (SLI) and im running windows vista ultimate x64, i have to run TDU on quite a low res, no AA and no HDR, and looking at my rig, i should think that i could get alot better than this, i can run every other game i have on full Gfx but this one just lags as soon as i put it up slightly, is there any way of getting around this? i turn off the aero interface in vista to see if it did any diffrence but it didnt , i really think i should be able to play this on better Gfx, please some say any tips they have to make it run better or if anyone else has the same problem,or if anyone knows just how to sort it completly!


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    Default Re: Performance problems...

    tryin turning SLi off, a mate of mine done that with his 6600GT's and his works perfect on high now

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    Default Re: Performance problems...

    Yes it's SLI that's the problem, the Vista drivers are still not good. I have almost the same system but one 8800 GTS which should run the game without any problems at full. But there are lots of times the game runs a 1 FPS with everything on high.

    I know from the Atari forum there is a low FPS problem and a patch should make it better. But the drivers problem and Vista don't help. Another problem I have is I have to close the Vista side bar because when I use the map and scroll to the edge on the right the Vista analogue clock shows up. This could been a planed feature to show you just how long you have been driving (Another exclusive to Vista )
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    Default Re: Performance problems...

    hehe i got 2 8800 GTS 320 mb clocked at full and Intel Core 2 duo Extreme! hehe it does lag when i play on 1024! haha when i turn it up to 1280*1024 its playing smooth! haah funny


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