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    Default Sound Mods for 360, is it possible

    Hey guys, haven't been here in a while, that's for sure. Well, i have been playing TDU A LOT lately and i am really getting bored of the sounds of a few cars. I was wondering if anyone had anyway to change that or if they knew someone who could. I don't want to break any rules of Xbox Live i just want to change the sound, not live speed. Please let me know. My aim is F430refurb0001 if anyone wants to chat.


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    No it is not possible and probably won't ever be because of the way Microsoft wants to nanny which content goes on their console. It could be possible but you wouldn't be able to have DLC, any updates/fixes or go on Live as you and your console would be banned.
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    Sadly no man, MS would just ban you for life if you get caught modding.

    Happened to my friend, he made a mod map in lalalala 3, someone reported and he got banned for life.
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