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    Default Pics Transfer Card Thingy I found


    i found this thing going for $28NZD

    Might Be a way to transfer pics from xbox 360 too

    [Click To Enlarge]
    he Minispy SATA Adapter is a device that allows data transfer between your Xbox 360 Hard drive and your personal computer.
    When used with powerful file management software currently available such as Xplorer 360 (included), the Minispy allows you to:

    - Transfer game saves, screen shots, demos and other media to your PC
    - Quickly move mp3s, restore game saves and profiles, and move other data to your Xbox 360 as required
    - Back up all important data to your computer in case of catastrophic loss
    - Maximize the storage space available on your 360 hard drive

    Further Information :

    Included with the Minispy:

    - Special xbox360 to PC adapter
    - Serial ATA cable
    - Power Cable
    - PCI Plate with built in internal connections
    - Software CD with Xplorer 360 software and Manual



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