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  1. Audi S7 (by KingKerner)
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    Hi times people have begun an Audi RS 4 rebuild a bit!
    I call him Audi S7!
    what economic and amended:
    -- Led's rear (Made)
    -- GTR felgen (on request Saleen rims)
    -- Lowered (aufwunsch (interior is then no longer benutzbah) (made)
    -- Getönnt discs (made)
    -- My sign on the seat and tank cover! (made)
    -- The valves (tacho) economic signs get the S7 (made)
    - Tachos in all perspectiven (made)
    - Led 's like the A6 (R8 style) from the Mega Pack (not possible)
    -- A Beta video:
    - Final Version
    This is the Audi Ready S7 tuning version!!

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    I think its bit difficult to understand the description as "not german" as its like just half translated?

    For the mod self I tend to stay silent for good reason.

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    i really don't understand what u are saying...

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    I like the rims. The interior dials I'm not so sure...

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