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    Default Hello

    My name is Jason. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm addicted to TDU.
    I have a few mods out (map mod, sonic, exxon, walmart.) I'll also be uploading my Porsche 911 Turbo mod soon I know I've cruised with some of you. This is a great site and I look forward to being here with all of you!

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    Welcome to the forums dude!
    911 GT2 Respect Required.

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    Welcome to TDU:C

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    welcome to tducentral
    (if you want a welcome ferrari 430, what color should it be??)
    oh and other members dont wonder why i do this, im gonna start selling a welcome 430 to every new member (if they want it)
    Returning from the dead!

    PotW #30 winner!
    But what is the point of writing things here when im barely online...

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    Welcome on earth dude

    Instagram: crisseh95

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    Hello, welcome

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    Oh and dude, don't forget to put your Gamertag on the Xbox Live section of your details.
    911 GT2 Respect Required.


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