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    Default Here's to CarFreak!

    CarFreak, also known as Jon, queer, ginger or just purely- gay, has registered for the Formula BMW Scholarship Trial! Happening on the 26th-27th, i fear i may not have the time to post this so i'm doing it now.
    So Jon, queer, ginger or gay (make up your mind on which you want),


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    Good luck Jon, queer, ginger or gay

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    Lol xD
    Good luck

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    good luck fellow ginger! *high fives*
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    Good luck Jon!

    Gay FTW

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    Good luck!

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    Ginger = Lwsbrck! *flaps*

    Good Luck Queer.

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    Good luck mate

    Don't knock man-love, it kicks ass XD

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    I'm SO gonna get you for that Mark

    But yeah I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a really looooooong week...

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    You're impossible, Mark
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
    Impossible is nothing. Therefore I am nothing...

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    If you become famous, will you write my name on your helmet?

    Good luck!
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    Good luck! And remember, if you're in doubt, Mark always has a piece of meat for ya xD

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    I wish you everything good, m8! Have a nice time!
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    Alright everyone. Time for an update.
    Well those baboons who organised and picked the registerees (???)
    pick our dearest CarFreak!
    This is INJUSTICE!
    This is BULL!
    This is DISGUSTING!
    This is sad.
    This means you guys won't be seeing him in a Formula 1 car in the future, looking like a total prat he is.
    Well take it easy mate. Disappointments part and parcel of life.
    Lookin' forward to registering with you next year!


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