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    Red face Not done one before

    Well hello, I'm new here

    Been playing TDU on the 360 since a long time.
    Am getting a new laptop in the next week or so and hopefully i'll be able to play it on that.

    On another note (and the main reason for this thread), I'm moving to Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE in just under 2 weeks time, so i have to get rid of my 360 before then. I'm going to exchange it for a PSP (sadly) and a few games for the new laptop, so I'll still be around to chat.
    When we're (wife, dog and me) settled there and all our stuff has been brought over, I'll get another 360, but its all very restricted in the Emirates.
    I've onlt got afew more days of live left, so if you want to play, you'd better catch me soon.


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    hey. have a nice life in the UAE. you gotta go to Dubai!

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    Moving countries is a big thing, Hope it all goes as planned, And Have a nice Life there!

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  4. t.
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    The weather should be nice at least. Do they allow Live in the UAE ?? How long are you going to be there for? I know you've probably told me this once or twice before but.... you know me.

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    Then I woke up in France...

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    Have fun in th UAE, just remember don't have sex in public/on the beach, don't kiss in public and don't show the sole of your feet and you'll be fine.

    I should catch you on xbl over the next few days

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    Wow UAE, thats a different chiose lol. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Have a good time in the UAE and you can't leave live

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    Good luck with life in the UAE!

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    Welcome Tim, good luck for the future mate, must try and catch up with you before you go.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Have fun in the UAE

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    Thanks guys, I would have been on XBL today, but my wife has been in bed all day (360's in the bedroom sadly) so its been a bit hard.
    Still managed to convince her to let me get a better laptop than the one we'd initially agreed on and a new K850i too Plus I've found a cool site to unlock it too.

    After a little research i've discovered that live is available in the Emirates But my wife is pretty adamant that I'm not getting another 360.
    Might be a little while then before i can sort something out eh? Maybe live on the laptop could work
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    Welcome back and hope you have a nice time in the UAE. Why the UAE if you don't mind me asking? Always dreamed of living there?

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    Welcome on the forum, and have a good life in UAE

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    Welcome on tdu-c ! and i hope you have one good life in UAE

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    Bring your XBox!! Bring it!! Put it in a box and tell your wife, "Oh it's just a bunch of dog food in there!"

    Anyway, that's sad. I haven't been able to cruise with you yet.
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    I'll buy another 360 when we get settled out there
    But for now, my current 360 is showing its age quite alot and my TDU disc is staring to play-up also.
    Plus now my live has run out, i'm not paying for another month when i'll be going in just over a week. Have run out of 48hr codes now too.
    Sorry i'll not be able to cruise with you guys for a while

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    Have fun in UAE!

    -I might catch you on XBL.

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    Aright man, that explains why I saw you the other day. Or the day before that.
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    Tim! Lucky you for moving in the UAE. Have fun here!


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