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    Talking Gran Turismo Mobile is coming


    Read 2 days ago that Gran Turismo Mobile is coming after GT5, so this means there will be some kind of integration with both games. This was said by Yamauchi at E3. Have a look at for more information.

    This to me is awesome but the release date is miles away, around 2009-2010.


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    GT5 is slipping to a 2010 release though. lol Will GT ever come out on time? Nope.
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    True, they continously delayed it. Ah well at least we have TDU.

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    lol 2010 now, as long as its here before the olympics in 2012 and by that time the ps3 should be cheaper. Also putting the date back means more cars will come out so they should include them meaning more work. a never ending story really.

    Also was it GT5 that was going to use the psp as a rear view mirror or was that another game??

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    Ah well that means I don't need to think about buying a PS3 for a long time to come. I can spend money on things which are needed more like a new camera

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    Hmm. Only if I didn't brick my psp GT Mobile would be interesting. I'll buy a new one when the time comes.

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    That was the F1 game but they have been no updates on that.
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