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    Default Weird Connection Problem in TDU

    Ever since I have had TDU I have had a strange problem that I can't resolve.

    I never have problems connecting to the servers and when I look on the map every players is shown as a red diamond, players in game nearly always have a good connection and not too much hopping about at distance but whenever the session I am in goes over 6 players I am hopping about like mad to all the other players but they all still look fine to me.

    I was originally on 4Mb VirginMedia with a cable running up to my PC, thinking it was a router ports problem I changed my router to a Linksys from my original Buffalo one as that couldn't open enough ports but still the problem persisted. I have also tried plugging straight into the modem and removing the filter plugged into the back of it. None of this makes any difference.

    I recently upgraded my PC and changed mobo so now using a different LAN adaptor - still the same

    VM have recently also upgraded my connection to 10Mb - again no change.

    My download/upload speeds are consistent with what they should be for the package I'm on and I have no problems with anything else online - other games (TF2, DoD:S etc), uploading to FTP sites, web browsing, torrents etc.

    I was in TeamSpeak with a m8 for the last cruise I did and when that went above 6 ppl, I again started lagging and he said the sound was all choppy in TS too although I could still hear him ok.

    Any ideas?... cos I'm about all out

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    There has always been a problem with stability when there are over 6 people in a session. But I have found the last few months have had major stability problems. Also using TS and Xfire can cause bigger stability problems.

    As gamespy run the servers there is not a lot we can do about it. Also the connection speed dose not seem to make any difference unless you have a really slow connection then you will lag almost all the time.
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