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    Question Proxy servers/software

    Hey guys
    I'm moving to the UAE in a few weeks time. Which is pretty restrivtive on web access (Skype and most of Youtube is illegal).
    My new employers have advise me to get some proxy software and some hotspot software so I can still have a vaguely normal web life without rakcing up huge phone bills.
    Do you know of or can you recommend any good software or just have any advice?


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    The UAE?! NO WAY!!
    Post lots and lots and lots of pictures of the supercars (if you see any)
    Oooh and to your question, no help from me mate, sorry.

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    Here is a proxy that is an add-on to firefox which should bypass the national filters and let you get on any website. Click me.

    Or you could just search for anonymous proxy in google and I'm sure there will be loads. Hope this helped

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    nice one, thx mellors


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