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    Default Fable 2 : General Discussion Thread

    Well as there doesn't seem to be a thread about this game I thought I'd start one.

    Well ages ago I bought a 360 as my PS2 had just died and I had heard about some Test Drive game coming out on the 360 ... it wasn't around at the time and when I bought my machine from a well known game store it game store it came with something called Oblivion, which I loved. I have never been a big fan of the 'hard core' RPGs ... played the FF series a couple of times on the PSs but never got into them that much ... but Oblivion I liked ...

    and then I started recent reading and watching Fable 2 (I've never played Fable and don't intend to)

    So having seen all the development diaries on XBLA, the stuff about character morphing and the jobs and family stuff ... and now just seen the neat trick about CO-OP with the orbs from the initial show at E3 (vids on ign if you haven't seen them yet) ... who else is really looking forward to this?

    Oh for reference my first play through will be as a woman and the decisions will be whatever I feel like at the time, not a purposeful Good or Evil route.
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    I've been waiting a while for this game and will watch the video's later after I sort my PC out. I have never played Fable either and love Oblivion, was a fantastic game and still is.

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    Oblivion is a great game, shame it had all those downloading screens otherwise it would have been a huge hit. Kahjiits are the best. xD

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    Fable 1 was a very interesting and fun game to play, Took a while to get used to at first though

    Cant wait for Fable 2 though!

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    Fable one was very good, 2 should be brilliant.
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    looks like a great game, just watched the behind the scene's from the lion head studios website and must say they have put alot attention to detail in this game, but one thing i was excited about was the possibility of teaming up with somebody via XBL, but from watch the few videos on there only seems to be two player game on 1 xbox, will no doubt still buy this game

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    I've played through Fable 1 a few times now. Usually I start out trying to be evil, but I can't keep it up.

    I've watched Fable 2 carefully, as I am looking forward to it immensely. Release is set to October, and I will be playing, so let's see if we can get some coop going by then

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    khevo ... you need to see the demo Peter gave at E3 on Monday as part of the main MS presentation, it's on a lot of the gaming sites ... as you're wandering around your world you will see floating purple orbs (what I was refering to in my initial post) ... these are the real time location of people on your friends list playing the game ... all you do is hit a button to either invite them to your world or join them in theirs ... sounds cool especially as the world is based on your decisions and so 'should' be different each time

    the one thing I'm still waiting to see 'demo-ed' is the extreme character morphs ... the new E3 trailer shows some male hero morphs ... including horns!

    hopefully some more vids will surface over the next few days
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