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    Default Welcome Back TVR!!!

    TVR has been relaunched with Sagaris 2

    Sagaris 2 / Image: TVRCC
    TVR has relaunched the Sagaris at a secret preview event. The new car has different wheels, suspension tweaks and a revamped interior, and was presented by the company’s managing director David Oxley. Oxley told PistonHeads at the unveiling that the car will be in production by the end of the year and there will be further new models to come.
    'The new Sagaris is 100% better,' he said. 'It has been tweaked for a nicer ride and there are a lot of changes. The new car has moved on a generation.'
    These include a new one-piece bonnet, new splitter, a new interior, including a different air conditioning system and different carpets, 19" five-spoke wheels and new seats. The car will have the same 4-litre straight six but the suspension has been tweaked slightly for better handling and ride.
    A special event took place today and Oxley was accompanied by a new TVR team in front of a very small number of invited guests.

    New interior/ Image: TVRCC
    The car is a prototype at present but is production ready. One TVR fan who attended the launch said: 'The car is absolutely fantastic and I love it. I really hope to own one.' there is no word on pricing yet as some of the features may by options. The car iwill be available in both RHD and LHD and will be sold in the Middle East and Europe as well as the UK.
    TVRCC chairman Jeremy Blandford said: 'It's like they've brought the Sagaris into focus - it now looks sharp. The interior has a new information system that keeps everything in one place. The car is very nicely built, the quality is excellent and they have definately moved it on.The car will now have a wider appeal and it is now time to look to the future.'
    What we can say is that the barn that set tongues wagging in April is in fact the new TVR development works. The premises near Wesham were spotted with a huge TVR logo on the side and many people hoped it would be TVR's new HQ. This turned out to be where today's announcement was held and will be were TVR's design and research now takes place.

    i for one am glad to see the return of TVR

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    I love TVR and I'm glad to see them make a come back, lets see if they can produce fantastic cars as in the past

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    Aww The exhaust doesnt point out at the side anymore *sulks*

    Anyway Yay, Welcome back TVR

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    Never was a fan of TVR's, good to see a British company coming back though, even though it's about as British as Croissants. :/
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    Means dad's car won't be worth as much but don't care lol. Brilliant. TVR was my first love in cars at some motorshow some year a long time ago and I hope they continue forever and don't go bust again which to be honest I can see them doing.

    I don't like that new car though. It has sat-nav!! Thats not TVR, there ment to be nuts, exhorts out the side are gone as mike said, noo. All we want is good styling thats either good lookings or just nuts, we want stupid paint that costs far too much, we want it to way sod all and a huge powerful engine. No silly sat-nav or tv's.
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    good to see TVR back ...

    question is for how long ...

    unfortunately companies of this size and building these sorts of cars struggle to survive

    Oh and shame the mad interior has been dropped
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    Glad to see them back just a shame they've toned them done a little like the exhuasts and the interior but they are still mad

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    Apparently they made one car a bit like this before they went bust. Its only the interier thats new. The exhuasts were put on becouse they scared people on pavements.
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    Good to see them back. Hope they keep making some fine machines as they have already done!


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