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    Default 2 wheeled fun

    Im 17 and i live in holland. I can't legally drive a car or a bike yet so i bought the thing the comes the closest to a bike, a moped. This started out as a 1992 AF1 aprilia. But i have been costumizing it over the last year. There is no fealing that can match a two stroke motor hitting its powerband between your legs.

    Its a 50cc and it goes about 90kmph. It isnt finished but ill put up pics from about a month ago.

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    Hehe nice wannabe sports bike lol.

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    Nice replica

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    Wow, VERY nice. I hate mopeds, but that looks lovely . Never seen that done before .

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    yay, a bike slower than my own :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwsbrck »
    yay, a bike slower than my own :P
    I didn't believe one existed
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    Thats really cool.

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    not keen on all the different colours on that


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