Night time?

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    Default Night time?

    What happened to the night time idea that they had before the game came out? I remember reading up on TDU before it came out and they said the lighting would change from day to night on a real clock schedual.Does the PC version already have this because all i play it on is 360. Do you think there will be a update for this feature?

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    I hope so, they also claimed realistic cars, with windshield wipers, so far, i've never had a drop of rain on my car... EVER! They probably dropped the realistic weather because there is no rain, no snow, no night time, (which must be hell to drive seeing as you can't keep your headlights on), and no hail... I do hope they either change that, or announce it'll never come in.

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    maybe for the TDU 2 they have all this planned eh. It would be cool to have rain and night time too

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    They stated pretty early before the game was released that there would be no night time and just sunny/overcast weather.. However there is setting you can modify on the PC version to give a sort of night-time effect.. Havn't tried it but heard it works well!
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