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    Aren't such laws universal? Hence the popular term science 'fiction'?

    btw love your relaxing spaceman pic, that's just pure awesomeness.

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    My new desktop...

    Click to Enlarge.
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    Updated both of mine with more RWB awesomeness


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    Not changed much

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    Current Note 7 home screen. Nova Prime launcher + 1Weather.
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    Decided to leave the chilled out Astronaut on the moon and go with something more animalistic.

    The quality in this image is unreal and it's available in 4K too if anyone wants it for their own UHD display(s).
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    DCS World's AJS-37. I was taking some photos after getting it and one of them landed on my desktop. It's a seriously beautiful game engine. Come to think of it, since around September of 2014 all of my desktop wallpapers except for maybe one (I change them around every month or so) have been aircraft within DCS World.

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    I've had this one for while now

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    New screen, new piccie - tried quite a few and settled on this one. I've installed the free version of Nexus' dock as it allows me to display folders as menu's - cleaning up loads of game icons, etc.

    Dock Sections:

    Recycle Bin
    Apps (General)
    Audio/Video apps (including video editing)
    Game Tools (things like Device calibration, Discord, Launchers)
    Downloads folder
    OneDrive folder
    Work folder
    TV folder (TopGear, etc)
    Shutdown icons (i.e. shutdown in 0/30/45/60/75/90 minutes)
    Network Settings

    I've also installed Launchy and will see if I remember to use it

    Icons from Free Icon Vector Illustrations -
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