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    Default Hello there!

    Hey guys.. Been waiting so much for the game... and by chance i have found your site... And I'm so happy that there are someone like me out there ( auto enthusiast and more than a casual gamer ) ...

    Well as for me...

    My name is Can ( pronounciation is the same with John )
    And I'm 22 years old and living in Turkey..

    Purchased the PC version don't know if you guys are playing in PC or Xbox ...

    Hope to chat and know much about each other and about the game ...

    Erm.... Thats all for now i think... See ya!
    *edited bcs of wrong smiley usage lol*

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Hi there anju/Can welcome to the board and cheers for joining. There are a few PC players on the board already and I would recommend you check 'User CP > Edit Profile' and enter your gamespy id so that other players can find and add you easily.

    Catch you later!
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Hello, and welcome anju. Hope you enjoy your stay

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Welcome to the forum anju, enjoy!

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Hey there Anju, hope you enjoy TDU Central!

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Thx guys for the warm welcome...

    Just wanted to inform you that I got my TDU delivered today and right now I'm installing.... YAY :P

    Hope to see some of you out there

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    Default Re: Hello there!

    Great news mate. Welcome!
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