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    Default G25 order: Best settings

    My G25 is finnaly coming (no local store so internet was again my best friend).

    What are the best settings INGAME and via the Logitech Setup for the best TDU experiance. I like force feedback alot. Also the steering wheel should make some resistance. But at which value's must I put linarity etc?

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    If you leave everything on default you should be fine with the forces. And of course you shouldn't use the centering spring. I recommend you use seperate axis for brake and accelerator. As for the degrees of rotation, if you use 180-210 have the linearity slider near the center. 900 degrees works well with the slider at the far right. Or left... I can't test it right now so do a little test, and see. I personally use 210 degrees because TDU doesn't natively support 900 and the whole thing feels funny.
    Hope this helps.


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