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  • Ford Mustang

    1 8.33%
  • Dodge Viper

    1 8.33%
  • Cheverolet Corvette ZO6

    5 41.67%
  • Dodge Challenger

    1 8.33%
  • Lamboghini Muthcielago

    3 25.00%
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZR10

    1 8.33%
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    Default The most wortly car in TDU

    there are lots of good bargains in trade, but if you want a new car, then what is the best deal??
    well first we can move all F class cars, as they are to expencive compared to the Mustang (cheapest car ingame) whitch is 25000$, while the cheapest F car is about 27000$.
    then we have the Dodge Viper and Corvette ZO6, whitch are fast cars for nearly no money, the viper will do 320 KMH and cost about 87000$.
    the Covette will do 318 KMH, but only costs 72000$
    the Dodge Challenger costs 27000$ and will do 233 KMH, whitch is good for a G car.
    then the Lambo Mutchielago, whitch is 280000$, its for me one of the best A cars, and its the cheapest A car.
    then we have the Kawasaki Ninja 10ZR, whitch cost about 14000$
    but goes nearly 300 KMH.

    let me know if you have more good wortly cars.
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