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    Default Xera Club

    Gday all thought ill stick this up Xera Club will be forming the minute TDU PC is released in Australia if anyone intrested then plz post below

    the club logo

    website layout - Under Construction

    Club members need

    Xfire account: active account
    Mic/headset: all members must have a mic for voip chat
    Email: another form to contact people
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    Default Re: Xera Club

    well... I'm waiting for the shipping of my TDU which im gonna get in 2 days most... I can join if you want... I have ventrilo and team speak stuffs + mic and i can handle the other xfire or the other thingies..

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    Default Re: Xera Club

    If I can get that Xfire + mic/headset I'll think about joining because I'm in Aussie too



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