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    Default New Driver Game In Development

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGames

    In a short documentary done by BBC News about the making of videogames, they revealed that reflections are currently working on a new Driver game.

    Touted once as GTA's rival, the latest sequel of Driver, Driv3r was a huge disappointment that scored an average of 40.8% in its PC version reviews.

    Aside from a mini video of a man modeling red, blue and yellow sports cars, no more info has been revealed yet.

    I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as Driv3r 3.

    And as good as Driver 1, driver 1 was the best. Loved playing that game!

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    Tbh I doubt it'll be any good. Anything since Driver 3 has been rubbish putting it nicely.

    Driver 1 and 2 worked because they where major advances at the time and GTA was still 2D but as soon as GTA 3 come out on the PS2 and that was the first of its kind out on that platform (iirc), that was game over for Driver as it simply never felt good enough in comparising, which is a shame as I loved the first two.
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    there has been a switch in publisher though, the games are no longer atari, so fingers crossed, quality improves
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    I thought DRIV3R was quite enjoyable. The Countach car was pretty quick and fun to drive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScottishSpotter »
    I thought DRIV3R was quite enjoyable. The Countach car was pretty quick and fun to drive!
    The 18 wheeler was fun too

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    If they make it as good as Driver2 was, then i'l get it.

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    Last 2 Driver games were not as great as GTA, but were fun anyway

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    Well even if its half decent I will probably buy it because I like the Driver series .

    Anyway I loved driv3r, I could spend literally hours on that game just crashing the cars slow-mo style .
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    I'm with nige, i looooved crashing car's in slow mo.

    Hang on did i just agree with nige ? haha
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldred »
    I'm with nige, i looooved crashing car's in slow mo.

    Hang on did i just agree with nige ? haha
    lol, but it was fun and crashing the larger vehicles into cars was funny

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    In DRIV3R if you killed all the Timmy Vercimilli's in Istanbul you unlocked "Infinite Mass Mode". Awesome fun. For those who don't know, your vehicle didn't lose any speed when you collided with other vehicles so you could smash them about. Good times.

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    Will be rubbish. I remember the hype about driver 3, alll about this amazing phyics engine that was just rubish.
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