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    Default Mission problems

    Gday to all,

    New to posting in here but never needed to in the past, until now.

    Normally i use my TDU for cruising around the island after i completed the game ages ago and have modded a lot thanks to the boyz on here.

    But last night i decided to go back into normal game mode (always cruise in hardcore mode) and do a couple of missions. But to my dismay once i selected a mission/race the game would not let me go any further.

    The camera is supposed to circle your car that your racing in whilst displaying the times or money earned for the different cups. But mine circles but doesn't display the car, just an empty road and i cant select "Go" to start the race, i have to reload my game using the escape menu.

    Im not sure how long the game has been like this as i said i haven't done any missions for probably about a year so have no idea when this started and if its anything to do with the mods.

    Also ive been looking about this morning and wondering if its something to do with the radial file i see is causing a lot of problems, other that this the game is fine.

    Any idea's much appreciated.

    P.s. thanks to all the modders on this site, def improved my TDU

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    welcome to TDU-Central. try deleting the radial file see if that helps. then if not im sure one of the mods will be glad to help. i've had many problems myself but not heard of this one before. maybe someone else has tho. heres a link to randys thread on how to delete the radial file.

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    Will do, thanks. I PM one of them if that doesn't work.


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