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    Lightbulb Concept cruise, ends whit race, 28 june...

    We will start at the lighthouse, then all the way down to the racetrack, were we enter the online race, may the best man win.

    time: 08.00 PM (GMT)

    only 1 of each concept
    max 55 MPH
    no crashing
    no flying
    no the is unlegal
    (overtaking other cars may be done, but in a line, like the first car goes around, then 2nd then 3th...

    only 1 group as there are 11 concepts in the game and that isnt enougf to make 2 groups

    1. 560BHP Holden efigy concept
    2.-Lr-SpeedraceR Ford mustang GT-R concept
    3.¨Baltoman Ford Shelby GTR
    4. jolteon Alfa Romero Competizione

    and pls tell what car you want to use.
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    That's cool idea
    I'll take the Ford Mustang GTR concept

    Edit : arf, there is another cruise this evening... should you maybe post pone this event ?

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    Its not this evening. Its on the 27th of June..

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    LR for nugget?

  5. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    Ill be in a Shelby GTR

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    Alfa 8c Competizione if i can get there on that day

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    lol i would say "that" evening or something like that. The same evening of the other 27th June cruise. So, no nugget

    Sry for not beeing here yesterday, just have Internet back after 1 week off :/


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