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  1. cyber-junkie's Murcielagos (Coupe+Roadster) 'á la Reventon'
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    Hy @ All,

    here my Mod-Versions of the Murcielagos (Coupe+Roadster) - both a little bit in Reventon-Sytle...

    I've adjusted:
    -Rear-Lamps (Driving-+Brake-+Rear-light in Reventon-Style)
    -Exhaust (unfortunately no adjustment of the 3D-Model possible - just modded with some screws inside)
    -Rims from Edonis (modded with Carbon + Lamborghini-Logo)

    Have fun with it!









    Rims (Roadster+Coupe):

    Exhaust (Roadster+Coupe):

    ... and last but not least the downloadlink: <LINK> (Manual inside in german)

    greetz cyber-junkie

  2. cyber-junkie's Murcielagos (Coupe+Roadster) 'á la Reventon' Comments
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    Well Done, I like the look of it

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    Nice work! The tail lights are awesome!

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    haha yeah! brake lights look mean!

  6. t.
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    Like it man, good job.

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    Are the rims carbon fibre?

    The exhaust looks weird.

    Good effort! Good Job.

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    Nice effort. May download this as those wheels look interesting and so do the taillights.

    Oh and can you host things on Rapidshare(.com) and not (.de) ?

    Reason being it's much easier and quicker and you don't get the queer advertisements.
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    OK - here's the downloadlink at Rapidshare.COM <LINK>

    greetz cyber-junkie

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    Thanks mate. +Rep

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    Cool...I like the rear lights the most
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    WHOA *downloading*

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    This looks great!!!! Awesome job!

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    thanks dude! this is soooooooooooo cool!

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    Woot dude can you tell me please how you maked the carbon fibre?
    I could use it on my F430 Novitec Rosso 'wannabe' project!
    Thx in advance!
    Btw: This is just awesome ! Specially the tail lights !

    Don't get hard on my english, at least I try to do my very best !

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    looks realy good... but never like a reventňn the front, the back, the side, the LIGHTS.... lol, this is a grey murcielago with other rims... but never a reventon

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    PLEASE Can give the download link back!?
    PLEASE! Love your mod!


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