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    Default Hitchhikers, models and deliveries

    Hello all, I have completed all single races/time trials etc and got gold in all but I can't see any of the remaining hitchhikers, models, deliveries etc. I have done about half of all of them but my map is clear when I look for the rest! Do you have to drive round and stumble across them before they show up on the map?


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    Yup, you have to drive to the road they're on before you can see them

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    This map will help you complete them faster -
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    Excellent! Cheers

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    One of the things I can't stand about the hitchhikers and models is that they're so fussy. Must get to the destination in a certain time, drive fast but safely, must have a particular car... I mean, it's nice enough that we're even stopping for you!!! Stop complaining!!!

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    LOL! ^

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    I don't get why hitchhikers are in the game, you don't want some random pikey (will change if someone wants) in your car that you've just purchased...

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    I feel the same about the hitchikers, I mean 'Must use Weissman Roadster'.


    My favourites are the car drop-offs, tons of money given, and you can take your time limits

    I had OCD doing them, had to perfect every one

    Shame that was at a friend's house and I'm on PS2, which doesn't have the special events in it

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    Well you have discover all the road in the Island, wanna know how to do that? Make sure you've got a car that you seriously adore and that's fast and maneuverable. Could be any kind of car Class C-A, and as you drive keep on looking at that beautiful car and don't mind the distances.
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    Whats wrong with the Weissmann .. lovely car to drive ... damn sight better than a lot of the cars in the game.

    Oh when you do the 'Model' ones don't forget to get a Perfect as you get enough credits to buy all the clothes then

    And if you do a Perfect on the car delivery you get a big (50% ?) bonus on the cash ... the Gullwing is a pain but there is an easy way as I found
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    Yeah if you do it perfectly which is hard! It's not easy to drive carefully in this game unless you're going 50mph which I'm not used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisicus »
    you don't want some random pikey in your car that you've just purchased...
    LMAO, My sentiment exactly. They are my least favorite part of the single player aspect of the game.
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    You could the Hitchhikers, models, deliveries, and car deliveries map.
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