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    Default Getting tha.t annoying.....

    Im getting that annoying message where it says your gamerprofile contains download content which is no longer available. Can someone help and do say something stupid like the answer is in your question because all the content i have is still for download

    Can someone Help ?

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    Default Re: Getting tha.t annoying.....

    Ahh Your Craigzeh huh? Well welcome for starters.. But as for your problem someone else is gonna have to help you cos I havn't come across this yet thank god!
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    Default Re: Getting tha.t annoying.....

    If it's still on live (like you say) i guess, i'd delete the DLC, and try to re-download it.
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    Default Re: Getting tha.t annoying.....

    As far as i know, it hapened to me and i just downloaded the free car packs after that it was grand no problems, so hope that helps

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    Default Re: Getting tha.t annoying.....

    isnt it where the game is trying to load a car u have but dont have the dl pack, try re downloading the car packs, and if u dont want to keep the packs, sell the car u have in ur garage and delete the packs again


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