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    I remember watching a trailer for this when I first got my Xbox and it was first Shown at E3 2006 (iirc) and has now got a release date of 31st Oct 2008.I stumbled back accross it on threespeech as they have a 2 part intrview with the devs.

    Threespeech summed it up best:

    Wheelman isn’t your typical movie tie-in. Benefiting from a growing sense of synergy between the film and videogame worlds, it’s a sort of cross-media joint project between Midway Newcastle and Tigon, the production company owned by Vin Diesel. The game’s not based on the movie, instead it’s a sort of prequel, following the adventures of undercover agent Milo Burik (Vin Desiel) before his cinematic debut next year. It’s also an intense, intricately realised driving shooter, with gorgeously detailed renderings of key Barcelona locales.
    Anyways I think it looks quite good and could do well if they pull it off. Its out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    Heres the links to the official site and the dev interview:

    Official Site

    Interview Part 1

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    Ah, I remember reading about this, really interesting Thanks for sharing the info
    Here it's apparently released on October 1st...

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    So it's a film/game joint project? Anyway I see GM had a lot of say in the cars here

    Driving physics look crap. Gran Turimo it ain't... Could be fun though. In a gimmicky kind of way

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