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    Hey all I have a few questions about my car.

    First off, it's a BMW 1987 325i and it's been having problems since before the car was passed down to me. What it does is it just stalls out sometimes when I've been driving it for a while and usually it happens when I'm going slowly but the other day I was going about 30 and the engine started choking up on me and eventually stalled. Usually I just start it back up and it works but sometimes the engine stops right after it's started so then I have to pump the gas pedal while I'm starting it and rev the engine for a while and then it's good. The other main problem is that sometimes when I try to start it it makes a loud ringing noise and the engine doesn't start. I usually have to keep trying to start it and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times to start it. I'm wondering if you guys have any cheap solutions to these problems.


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