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    Default Car List Thread

    I know I shouldn't make a thread for this, but it's irritating me and didn't know who could find this thread, so sorry for that.

    But I've been trying to find a thread where someone posted a TDU Car List with all the new MegaPack Cars in Excel.

    I saw this before but didn't have Excel to open it with, but now I do and would like to see it as I'm in need of a list of the cars.

    I posted one a long time ago but that's no good.

    So does anyone know where this thread is, or where I could find this Excel file?


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    As I said 'Int TDU General' and it was 3rd from bottom of this section when you posted
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Lmao blind, I was just looking for Words car list. So didn't over look it very good, Thanks baby!


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