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  1. TDU Mods : Common_car.bnk Mods [Tyre Sidewalls & Tred, Neons, Seatbelt etc]
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    In this series of threads, I'm listing and giving tutorials on how to improve your game-play. These are not instructions, or officially related to Atari in any way. They are tutorials created by me, for the sole purpose of giving you the chance to improve your gameplay.

    I take no responsibility in your game going corupt or damaged. I cannot be help responsible for damages to game files or profiles.
    However this is highly unlikely to happen

    Anyway, on with the tutorial of the common_car.bnk ...

    Make sure you back up everything, unless you want to have to reinstall TDU when you decide the tyre rubber doesn't look as good.



    Common_car.bnk Modifications:

    This allows you to create new Sidewalls, tyre treds, rubber colour and Seatbelt Colouring!

    Click to Enlarge All

    Step 1
    I cba to type everything out again! Just follow this tutorial, except using the files listed below [link]

    Use the Bnk Editor to open up Common_car.bnk located in 'C:\Program Files\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicules'.

    Step 2

    Depending on which file you wish to modify, you must extract it using 'Extract selection'.

    Tyre Sidewall Colour file:
    - tr_01.2DB

    Tyre Sidewall 3D file:

    - ts_tr_01.2DB

    Tyre Sidewall Gloss file:
    - tr_g_01.2DB

    Tyre Tred 3D file:
    - ts_tire.2DB

    Seatbelt Colour and Texture:

    - Seatbelt.2DB

    In-Garage Shadows
    (Also, shadows from a great distance)
    Neons can be made from this!
    - shadow.2DB (Cars)
    - shadow_m.2DB (Motorbikes)

    Beware, that the shadows only can be viewed when the target vehicle is at a fair distance, or parked in your garage, or is a parked AI car.

    You might want to try slick tyres, but trust me, they don't look very good

    Also, once you've opened tr_01.2DB, to change the colour, just change the colour balance
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  2. TDU Mods : Common_car.bnk Mods [Tyre Sidewalls & Tred, Neons, Seatbelt etc] Comments
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    Anyway, on with the tutorial of Rim-Swapping ...
    Thought I'd bump this just to let you know that on basically all your tutorials it says that at the top, Lol

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    Ok, tried this and found something interesting. When you colour the seatbelts, it only colours them in some car, eg, I tried colouring them red and it worked in an A3 but now in a Murcielago. But what's even more interesting is that in your garage it colours both the front seatbelts however, when you get in and drive, your players blet is back to the original colour.

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    But what tool needed to open the 2db file?
    or I really wanna try slick ti0re, could u post them?

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