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    Default vista Gadgets question

    well i recently got my new compter and im loving it, and im also liking the sidebar gadgets, especially the mini news feed that you can have, only problem is it only displaying news feeds from sites i don't want, any way to change it to something i want?

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    I think people originally though you couldn't, but I read somewhere that it's to do with the RSS feeds you have set up in IE. Although, I can't see it. Me thinks the best idea would be to download a different RSS Feed Reader from the Sidebar Gallery

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    Hope this helps Khevo:

    How does Feed Headlines work?

    Feed Headlines can display frequently updated headlines from a website that supplies feeds, also known as RSS feeds, XML feeds, syndicated content, or web feeds. Websites often use feeds to distribute news and blogs. To receive feeds, you need an Internet connection. By default, Feed Headlines won't display any headlines. To start displaying a small set of preselected headlines, click View headlines.
    Feed Headlines

    When you point to Feed Headlines, the Close and Options buttons will appear near the upper-right corner of the gadget. Clicking the Options button allows you to choose from a list of available feeds. You can add to the list by choosing your own feeds from the web.
    To choose a feed from the web with Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer, a web browser included with Windows, looks for feeds on every webpage you visit.
    1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.
    2. Browse to a webpage that has feeds.
    (When Internet Explorer finds available feeds, the Feeds button , located on the Internet Explorer toolbar, will change from gray to orange.)
    3. Click the arrow next to the Feeds button, and then, in the list that appears, click the feed you want.
    4. On the webpage that appears, click Subscribe to this feed.
    5. In the dialog box that appears, click Subscribe.
    The feed should now be available to Feed Headlines. To display the feed in Feed Headlines, see the procedure below.
    To display a feed in the Feed Headlines gadget

    1. Point to Feed Headlines, and then click the Options button.
    2. In the Display this feed list, click the feed you want to display.
    3. Click OK.
    NoteTo scroll through the headlines, point to Feed Headlines, and then click the downward- or upward-pointing arrows that appear on the bottom edge. Top of page

    For more Click here to see full page of Side bars and how they work

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    Ah, I knew there was a way of changing it in IE somewhere


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