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    Lightbulb - Help me with my cosmetology project.

    Alrite guys.
    Hope your all ok, i aint been on here a while because of exams and work- Yadda yadda.

    My Design and Technology project for GCSE can be anything i want to be. First i thought about a car which i thought was a little extreme.


    Whats the next best thing?
    A driving seat for PS3, PC or whatever you want.
    I need to design a driving seat that is different to other existing products in a sense that its either cheaper, smaller, easier to use or just overall better.

    The reason why im on here is because you lot are the "Target Market" and i want to know what you want from a product like this.
    What you could do if you already own a GamePod or something similar, tell me what you like and what you dislike about it, whether its as serious as the driving position or just you didnt like the colour.
    Speak Up.
    Have a moan, trust me- It will help me with my project alot.

    Cheers for Reading.

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    Ooh GCSE Graphics - Was my forté at GCSE

    I would presume you're going to have to actually make a model of this, evidently not lifesize, I would suggest around 1:10 maybe to give around a 20cm Model. Now the 2D stuff could be a posted or instruction booklet to go with it, but that's simple and can be knocked up to a decent standard in a matter of hours.

    To make your seat unique it will have to be stricking, yet simple. OTT things can look gastly. Keep the curves simple and flowing.


    • It would need a place to connect a steering wheel, obviously
      • Optional detachable tray for the seperate gear changing unit from the G25 and similar products

    • Surround Sound Speakers in head "rest"
    • Research into Erganomics and Anthropometrics (how the human body would work with this, and also the individual lengths of the body parts so the average person can be "housed" in the chair) You should be tought a bit about this at some point.

    Optional Things to improve aesthetics and function:

    • Blue neons (Flashing optional)! They always improve things, especially in the dark and are good for gaming geeks who stay up to the early hours!
      • Flashing rate changes dependant on the sound - concept ideas don't have to work at GCSE or A Level

    • Mouse tray/plate in easy reach of arm (which can be rotated out of the way when not in-use) maybe to make navigation through menus easier
    • Built-in controls in "arm rest" perhaps? Like real window controls or a "fake" radio with volume control perhaps
    • Upgradable features, such as new seat cushions (that always gets you brownie points if you can think of the future)
    • Make it "sustainable". Thinking of the environment is a plus in these sorts of projects

    That's it for now, just standard stuff. The main thing which will make yours unique is the looks of it. The best ones out there cover all the essentials of the seat. If you make it looks clean, crisp and still make it confortable you'll be fine. The main bit with GCSE is the write up, if you manage to do decent drafts, evaluations etc etc then you'll be fine Although, saying that, if your final model is pants, you'll loose some marks.

    You could base the design around the 911 Porsche Wheel which does work on the PS3 and PC. There are some ones which specialise in the G25, if you work on the Porsche one then it'd be unique Mainly as the final product has not been released yet. But there are plenty of Beta reviews on the net (YouTube for one) and pictures about.

    Enjoy .
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    That was a quite impressive post Iced lol.

    Anyway the only thing putting me off buying one, well not the only thing but the main this, is the size of the thing. Something that's telescopic and folded away into a small bag would brilliant. Another thing that could be added would be padding between the pedals and the floor because my parents hate it when I'm on my wheel and there downstairs as it whacks into the floor when I stomp on the brake, I'm sure others have this or is our house built badly, well it is but so are most so it is a problem. Another this would be the ability to attach the chair to another stand so its an office chair. This give it two uses and therefore saves space as its always in use.

    All I can think of yer, a good quality telescopic frame that can be put together easily will simple looks and can convert to an office chair when not in use.
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    I made a 'Desktop Storage Unit'. Don't make something too big for GCSE. Wait until A-Level for that.

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    i made a automatic plant waterer ^_^

    by the sounds of it something compact but practical. as you dont want it to take over your whole room. unless you dont leave your room. in which case your sad... but a big one would be fine

    choice of materials is important aswell. imitation aclantara i would go for. cause its generally good stuff. make sure the height is adjustable aswell.

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    well lets see...13...obssessed with driving games...i think im yer target market =3
    May i suggest a sort of racing/driving theme with striking colours and maybe a car or two on the back?
    as Iced said, the steering wheel mount is neccersary with the pedals, the gear shifter mount for products such as the G25 are essential.
    A good idea is to have remote and wireless controller sockets/pockets for controllers such as XBOX360 or Nintendo Wavebird(gamecube).
    Having it light, small and easy to put away and put together is an essential as that attracts alot of people as you dont neccersarily want it stuck in the middle of yer bedroom all the time do you?
    just my 2 cents =3
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    How about a Bucket seat?

    If its going to have a steering wheel Mount then its probably going to be used for Racing or Driving, So Having it as a Bucket seat would add the the Realism.

    I have to say I love Iced's Arm Rest "Fake Radio" Idea.

    Like MS have Plates for the front of the Xbox to personal it, How about covers for the seats for Specific games?, Im sure A lalalala, Cod, GTA etc would be big hits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmadmike »
    I can hear the Banhammer being got out of the cupboard!!
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    a beer fridge.

    and a phone.

    and a money tree to pay for the pizza's you order of the phone.

    i assumed it would allready have a bucket seat. its just one of those things thats hard to store. maybe a folding one with some sort of hinge under ur ass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    I can hear the Banhammer being got out of the cupboard!!

    Hey the Game has a massive Following, Im sure the "Game that must be mentioned" seat cover would of sold

    Id buy a TDU one for certain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asgardeh »
    maybe a folding one with some sort of hinge under ur ass?
    I don't think many people would be happy having a hinge so close to the behind, I know I wouldn't be

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    ^ Sounds comfy.

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    not literally :P

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    Heya guys. Thanks alot for the input.
    Espically Iced...
    Funny you should mention Anthropot all, metrics because ive just done it all and its all going pretty swimmingly
    I think folding would be best because no one really wants a 6ft long piece of steel and wood structure in their room do they?
    Keep the suggestions coming, they're helping alot.

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    Mmkay, what i would want in a driving seat for gaming...

    It needs to be a real bucket seat, but if you aren't allowed to include that, here are the basics of it:

    - Needs to be comfortable, but not like an armchair, it still needs that hard bottom.
    - Needs to grip/hug you: You want to feel like you are in a real race car, you need
    that feeling that you can throw your vehicle around bends and the seat is going to
    hold you in place with minimal body movement. I know it's only a game, but what
    was Gran Turismo invented for?
    - Needs a support stand that will stop it from moving forwards and backwards while
    driving with a steering wheel.

    For optional bits to include:

    - Harness slots. Holes that harnesses would be able to fit through. Doesn't absolutely
    need them, but is very useful to add to realism and for just in case someone wants
    to put harnesses through it to, y'know, add to the realism.
    - Speakers in the back. An Alpine 6x9 at the top and bottom of the back of the seat
    would be very useful, and if you're doing that, you may as well put an 8"/10"
    Kenwood subwoofer in the back in the middle. I have a home entertainment chair
    with JBLs in the sides and a 10" Kenwood sub in the back in the middle and it sounds
    like a dream. Of course this would add greatly to the price, but i think you would find
    a lot of people would be willing to pay the extra for it and it adds greatly to the
    driving experience.

    A great thing to have with it would be perhaps railings that would attach to the support stand and also to a table or driving station so it would connect to the steering wheel and pedals better for better driving experience and less aggrivation with having to move the table/seat forwards and backwards all the time to get it in the right place.

    Here are three examples of good seats:
    1st. BRIDE Brix II
    2nd. Sparco Evo III
    3rd. BRIDE Maxis III

    Good luck with your project!!!!

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    A cobra monaco seat is much cheaper than all of those ones!

    isnt the sparco evo like 250?

    can get a monaco for like 120!

  17. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    Yeah but my cousin has a Driftworks Monaco (exact same as Cobra Monaco) in his 200SX and it doesn't hold you that well and to be honest they aren't made as well as BRIDEs or Sparcos, and i've been drifting in an R32 GTR with BRIDE Brixs in it and they really hug you tight. I've also been in a Sil80 with Sparco Evo IIIs in it and they really hold you in tight and i've been in an R33 GTS-25t with BRIDE Maxis in it and they are brilliant too.

    I guess you can use Cobra Monacos with it, they will be a lot cheaper, i guess it's not like the seats are going to be used in actual race cars. And yeah, Sparco Evo IIIs brand-new are the best part of £400-£450 .

    Or get some of these Recaros:

    You can get 'em that have been ripped out of Evo Vs/VIs/VIIs/VIIIs/IXs for VERY cheap. I've seen them in perfect condition out of an Evo VI on eBay before WITH doorcards for £60. That was a fantastic deal so i'm not saying you'll be able to get them for that cheap but not too far off it .

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    Exclamation UPDATE

    Sorry for the HUGELY long update on this, i got an A* for it btw.


    + 390 Pop Rivets (Yes i measured, driled and popped them all by myself)
    + 14 Metres of 40mm Aluminium box section that is 3mm thick
    + The sides come apart from the seat section, the seat has 3 seperate adjustable positions and the steering wheel has 2 positions.
    + Inverted G25 Pedals
    + Red Corbeau Racing Seat
    + Too many hours spent on it
    + Apart from the seat, it all flattens with alot of winged bolts which hold the 5 seperate sections together.

    - Enos

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    Everything's cut, attached, and made by you? Looks like professional-level work - nice!

    Looking at what you've made, I imagine you're far more technical than me, but I have a question: in your opinion, is it worth it (and did you run into trouble) to reverse-mount the pedals?


    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza
    ...Norton deleted it.
    Maybe you should return the favour to Norton.

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    Yeah well tbh, the reversed pedals were the easiest part of the whole thing.
    All you need to make sure of is that you feel comfortable and happy with the angle of which the pedals sit at and also when you've got the throttle fully pressed as if you get the wrong angle, your feet could slip off

    Im not that much of a technical person, i mean at the time i was 15 going on 16... But if im 100% honest with you, i curved the top pieces before doing anything else and i built one side originally using no dimensions at all. Nothing on paper, not a jot. To build the other side, i already had the same curve so i just built it ontop of the first side and made sure they were near enough identical.

    I could have got full marks for this but the thing that let me down was the fact that i had hardly any measurements / dimensions sheets in my file and when my teacher asked where they were i just shrugged my shoulders and told him i did no pre-planned measurements at all. I only used the top curves to build my entire project around and i used 2metre box sections along the bottom.

    Looking back i have no clue how it turned out so well...

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