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    Default Japanese Tuning Show - 01-06-2008 - EDC Round 3 and Time Attack (Pics!)

    Sunday was the best day EVER! Woke up about 7am, got ready, and got in the car and headed for Silverstone. The traffic was brilliant, COMPLETELY clear roads, except for one problem: it was raining . For the whole hour and a half we were driving to Silverstone it was raining, so we thought the day was going to be terrible. I've been to Santa Pod when it's been raining before and a lot of cars weren't drifting, so this really brought down our moods. But luckily, about 15 minutes away from Silverstone, the rain stopped, and the sun popped it's bright yellow head out. By the time we got to Silverstone it was quite warm and very sunny, and when we got in, it seemed the track wasn't that wet at all. So we stood on a hill by the entrance watching some of the EDC competitors go for their practice runs, and we got a fair few pictures:

    Sorry i haven't uploaded many yet but i have over 250 pictures and it takes a while to upload them all. All those pictures are from 10-15 minutes of action. I'll upload more when i have more time tomorrow, and should have a lot more up during the week.

    If anyone wants copies of any pictures, their resolutions are 3456 x 2304, so just ask what resolution you would like and i would be more than happy to e-mail you a copy .

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    Great pictures, can't wait to see more

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    Tried to upload a few videos too but YouTube was being stupid and slow again so no luck with that. I'd love to get more pictures up too but Photobucket and Imageshack take so goddamn long to upload and they don't let me upload them all at the same time .

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    OMG, GREAT PICTURESSSSSS. You are soooooo lucky to some cars driftin'

    Wished I could be there :'(

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    God, a RWD drifting Scoob... whatever next!

    Great pics, cant wait to see the rest!

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    I always drift on that part on Forza2
    Nice pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamFraser »
    God, a RWD drifting Scoob... whatever next!

    Great pics, cant wait to see the rest!
    Yeah, the GDB(E) was Nobushige Kumakubo's car (anyone who watches D1GP or anything will know) and the GDB(F) was Kazuhiro Tanaka's car. They're both very famous in the D1GP in Japan and the USA, now they are moving on to the EDC . I expect to see them in Formula D or the D1NZ next .

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    my mate went to this and said it was awesome. now there photo evidence to back him up. looks like a sick day out. im gonna have to go next time.

    my mate got a souvenier or 2. hes japanese and got invited into the garage or something and they took the old tyres off and gave him them as they put the new ones on! what a git
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    Lol, yeah, you should definetly pop down to Trax in September. I went into the garage-bits at the side of the track where all the Time Attack cars were, didn't speak to anyone or anything though, but i spent a lot of my time in the area where the EDC cars and crews were and i talked to Bon Bon and Phil Morrison a little and a bit to Kazuhiro Tanaka, even got a picture with him :

    I guess my souvenir was a signed card of his:

    Will have over 40 minutes of video from the JTS on sunday i took on YouTube soon, but YouTube & Windows Movie Maker are both being stupid with my videos at the moment, have to sort it out.

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    Team orange is the best ..they come here in greece 2 times one show kumakubo take out his t-shirt ..(team orange t-shirt)and he give it too me ^^and he has drove my rc drift car ..i am waiting for HDC (hellenic drift championship)maybe he will join the race ..and somethink else
    Driftnismo can you give me msn or somethink too send me some pictures plz ??

    And great pics you have
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