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  1. mikipvfc is offline user title eh???? okay er
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    Default hello again tdu-c

    well its late my brain is frazzled to a crisp mmm... anyway hi peepz ive been on here for a while but i havent really being doing anything but i do read the forums and i know you lot have the best sense of humour anyway (again bet evryone is bored now) im on tdu on pc my gamerspy is over there<<< and hopefully after july ill be on 360 cruising with most of you
    caterham r500 fan woooo its back

  2. hesonly5 is offline Hungry Hungry Hippos! :D
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    sens of humor? i losts mah one

    mebbe u can helpz meh find it?

  3. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
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    Right that's it, the crazinessieoneverestsourkrautmadmaxintercepto-respectmyauthoritahappygoluckyeahboi has to stop!
    I'm a bit mental.

  4. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    hi... again (not doing a crazy welcome since you've already been here)

  5. t.
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    Ahhhhhh too much l33t speak. 360 good good all the finest reside on the 360 See you in July.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

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  7. mikipvfc is offline user title eh???? okay er
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomus_r »
    sens of humor? i losts mah one

    mebbe u can helpz meh find it?

    its behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!! no seriously its there bout to jump on to the m6
    caterham r500 fan woooo its back

  8. Microphone is offline #Myk2016
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    NOOOOHHHHH *crashes into Randys Sense of humour*

    Randy I demand you Put it on a lead, or at least In a cage!

    And re-welcome, if that makes sense

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

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    Welcome.... again?


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