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    Default General signatures

    (Another idea, I searched through the threads with sigs and this doesn't seem to be here.)

    I thought after seeing Car signatures, instead of making loads of threads for miscellanous sigs, just put requests in this thread so they're all collected up.

    I'll start.

    Could someone sorta edit my crappy sig making please?

    I'm fussy, can I have the resonance casade pictures as the background please?

    The words at the top and 'Chrisicus' in whatever colour please. And a Half Life logo please:

    Erm, you can use these pics, or other good quality ones of Gordon Freeman.

    Cheers... I know I'm fussy. :P

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    I cant find any resonance cascade Pics big enough for the background

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    I know what you mean, this is the only one I found.

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    I'll make tou a Half Life 2 signature.

    Here's one I made earlier

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    Had a go, not very good and rushed it a bit.

    Little edit

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    Cheers all, I really like Pherelas's one.

    Anyone else who wants a non-car signature can post here. :P


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