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    Default Trouble Getting Online

    Well, Im having trouble getting into the multiplayer on GTA, Do you have to be past a certain mission to unlock it or something?

    Im just getting it failed to connect or something like that, im on Xbox Live fine though

    Ive done a few Brucie missions, see if im too early on to be online

    PS: This game is awesome!

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    I think yeah you have to advance a bit further. I think I remember getting that, but it went away after a bit.

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    you don't i got online fine with it the day o got the game and had only done a couple of missions

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    You can go online whenever mate. I know someone with 0GS who plays it online so they haven't even done the first mission. It has connection errors for me from time to time. If you're playing with friends you could host the party, see if it makes a difference.

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