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    Default LOLCAT IRL

    The World’s Largest Lolcat, An Invisible Bike Mural

    Posted by Scott Beale on Saturday, May 17th, 2008

    Earlier this afternoon San Francisco artist Josh Zubkoff, with the help from some friends, created what is possibly the world’s largest Lolcat image, an “Invisible Bike” mural painted on the side of a building at the end of the alley on Quincy Street in San Francisco.

    See Josh’s blog for more info on the project, including photos of the mural being created.

    Ben Huh, who runs the infamous Lolcat blog I Can Has Cheezburger?, was on hand for this historic occasion.

    Here’s the original “Invisible Bike” Lolcat image from I Can Has Cheezburger?.

    Troy McClure SF shot a great photo of the finished mural as well as a bunch of photos of the mural being created.

    More Coverage:
    - Digg
    - Fark

    UPDATE 1: Dogster & Catster founder Ted Rheingold also stopped by with his new “O Hai” Lolplate.

    UPDATE 2: Here are more great photos of the mural by Trisha Weir, including one of Ben Huh riding his invisible bike along with the Lolcat mural.

    UPDATE 3: Daniel Quinlan has more photos of the mural installation.
    O RLY?

    YA RLY, i has a sorce

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    oooh. i liek!

    it wud also be kul if it wuz ceiling cat vs basement cat.

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    hehe love that guys license plate.

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    Lmao, that's brilliant. Especially his licence plate .

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    I want that license plate!

    Thats cool, But devoting so many hours to a lolcat, hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmadmike »
    I want that license plate!

    Thats cool, But devoting so many hours to a lolcat, hmmm
    I would do it

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    I wouldn't, but I love teh plate

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    That is wikid.


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